Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh happy day

Cause for jubilation # 1: The Linz siblings won the Amazing Race. In your face, you nasty psycho Weavers.

Cause for jubilation # 2: Golden Globe nominations are out, and Hugh Laurie is in the running for Best Actor in a Drama Series. With no Boston Legal eagles in the way, he stands a good chance of winning this year. Hooray for House.

Cause for jubilation # 3: My darling Pierce Brosnan also got a Golden Globe nom for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, for The Matador. Must see this film (or more accurately, must find the pirated DVD).

Cause for jubilation # 4: Tangsoc is sticking around for a few more days before flying back to New Jersey on the 24th. Will be having dinner with her next Monday. =D

Cause for jubilation # 5: The AP-Annex Xmas Xtravaganza is only two days away. I'm super duper psyched.


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