Thursday, December 15, 2005


Found out this morning that Tangsoc got an earlier flight back to NJ, so our dinner on Monday won't push through. :( She did say she will try to drop by our AP-Annex Xmas Xtravaganza tomorrow night. I hope she makes it, I really miss my faculty "sister".

Despite the bad news, the day wasn't a complete bummer. After attending a meeting at the SM head office in the afternoon, my mom and I went to Shangri-la Plaza to get in some Christmas shopping. Now the problem with Christmas shopping is that you inevitably wind up seeing stuff that you want, and you end up buying things for yourself... which is what happens to me and mom all the time, and today was no exception. She got herself a new bag and jacket while I got myself a new bag and a pair of shoes, and you know nothing makes me quite as happy as when I have a new bag and new shoes (plugging for Uncle Ben Chan: I love the Lewre line at CMG, really pretty and not as expensive as the other brands they carry). Needless to say we came home a couple of very tired, very broke, but very very happy shoppers.

I love any season that gives me an excuse to splurge.


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