Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of 2008

I'm calling 2008 the year of change, not just because of Barack Obama's inspirational campaign and stirring victory, but because I saw many changes in my life and the lives of those around me.

On a more superficial level, I finally upgraded my cellphone, got a new digicam, improved my wardrobe and grooming choices, and changed hairstyles from layered to straight to layered again.

On a more meaningful level, I've learned how to stretch my patience, face moral dilemmas, deal with disappointment, and make personal sacrifices. I also managed to find more time to spend with family and friends, and at the same time wear my Kaisiao Queen crown more lightly.

I witnessed many of my friends take the big plunge into the fathoms of marriage (JB, Nikki, Mike Wong, Mishy, my cousin Bryan, Mike Acaban, Jo-an Chan, and Gerry), and my first batch of former students graduated from COLLEGE this year. My little brother graduated from UP too, and left home for the first time to study in Beijing.

I've met new people, gone new places, lived new experiences, and discovered new things about myself in the process.

True, this year I didn't post as many blog entries as in previous years, and I didn't finish a lot of books, but if anything it was only because I was too busy living my life to write about it or read about the lives of others.

But I sure was able to post a lot of photos. :)

2008 was eventful, and momentous, and memorable. At the end of it, I am grateful for the year that was, the person that I became, and the future that comes from the changes of the year past.

And now, my annual "Best of" list to cap things off:

Best day: for the past 4 years it's always been my birthday, thanks to Openness, and this year was no exception, but I have to mention 2 runners-up-- August 8, the day of the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, and September 25, the day the Ateneo Blue Eagles beat the Dela Salle Green Archers for the UAAP championship
Best life-altering decision: not settling
Best world-altering result: Barack Obama winning the US presidential elections
Best (complete!) family vacation: Scandinavia/Russia/Paris
Best traveling companion: Auntie Nene
Best surprise: Openness abduction

Best gift given: autographed One Big Fight shirt for Yang (thanks to Mr. Tong and Amor the ball boy)
Best gift received: autographed One Big Fight shirt, from Mr. Tong
Best party/road trip: Nikki and Logan's wedding
Best luxury item purchased: Coach Graphic Op Art Julianne

Best new TV show: Pushing Daisies
Best sitcom to share with shobe: How I Met Your Mother
Best movie: The Dark Knight
Best actor: Heath Ledger
Best actress: Madel Ching ;D
Best sports hero: Roger Federer (runners-up: Usain Bolt and Nonoy Baclao)
Best book: The Complete Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi (review to follow in 2009)
Best author: Ian McEwan
Best CD: Hairspray OST
Best song: technically not a song, but Obama's "Yes, We Can" speech set to music by Will.i.am
Best LSS (last song syndrome): "Forever", Chris Brown
Best concert: Harry Connick, Jr. at the PICC
Best show on the planet: opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics
Best object of lust: Roger Federer
Best fictional object of lust: Barney Stinson from HIMYM (runners-up: Alan Shore from Boston Legal, and Henry from Ugly Betty)
Best pedophiliac fixation: David Archuleta from American Idol
Best laughingstock: a tie between Janina San Miguel and Sarah Palin
Best fashion trend: tunic tops
Best fashion staple: stiletto pumps
Best beauty aid: Elianto Deep Sea Water Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Best caffeine fix: lattes at Gran Caffe Casanova
Best sweet tooth treat: Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies by Roshan (thank you John Tan!)
Best 15 minutes of fame: contributing to Rick Olivares' Ateneo Blue Eagles 2008 Championship book
Best quasi-teacher activity: delivering a lecture on Business Dressing at Xavier School
Best healthy pasttime: wasting time on my roses :D
Best unhealthy pasttime: camwhoring, haha

Best new online preoccupation: www.bask3tball.com
Best blog post: my personal pick is "The Paradox of Girl Power, redux" because I feel it showcases both my writing style and political views, but feel free to let me know which of my posts you liked :)


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