Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Must love Must Love Dogs

My friend Angge and my cousin Joy both adore John Cusack, so they wanted to see Must Love Dogs together (their plans to watch Serendipity together a few years back had been thwarted, so they were determined to make up for it). My sister and I tagged along because we both like Diane Lane, and we don’t dislike John Cusack. Besides, I missed the company of two of my favorite people in the world and wanted an excuse to get together with them (and that, my dear girls, is enough reason to celebrate ;p).

For fear of incurring Angge and Joy’s wrath (every time John Cusack did something cute or said something smart the two would “awww” and squeal in chorus), I will not attempt to tear into the movie and rip it apart with my usual brand of nitpicking and criticism. Anyway, there’s really no point in overanalyzing a romantic comedy, is there? *pause followed by hysterical laughter*

As I was saying, because I love Angge and Joy so much, I will not mention the flaws of Must Love Dogs, and instead just point out some things that made it worth watching:

  1. Diane Lane: In rom coms, she comes off as a mature Julia Roberts... with class. There's an elegant charm about her that's refreshingly different from the simpering saccharine of other actresses (see Under the Tuscan Sun for verification).
  2. Diane Lane's wardrobe, including the lovely black bag she was carrying in one scene: I want that bag!
  3. the great supporting cast, including Elizabeth Perkins, Stockard Channing, and even the dogs: There was great chemistry among the actors, especially the people who played Diane Lane's supportive, almost picture-perfect family (it was easy to forgive them for being so damn picture-perfect).
  4. Christopher Plummer: Decades later, Captain Von Trapp is still as dashing and dapper as ever (and I much prefer listening to him recite Yeats than hearing him warble "Edelwiess").

And for all my anti-sentimental drivel cynicism, you really can't go wrong watching a feel-good movie with feel-good friends (and family). :)


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